In this episode, Charles Musgrove talks with insurance industry expert Craig Mugglin about coverage that often gets overlooked or risk that is under-insured. One of the newer insurance ‘types’ is Cyber Insurance. The number and magnitude of cyber attacks are ever increasing along with the cost to recover from the hacks. Costs suffered by the company to replace, recover and rebuild can be very high and the costs to restore the company’s clients and other victims of the attack can be even greater. We talk about what is covered and what is not along with theĀ  cost for cyber coverage. Should the Cyber coverage be included with another common policy issued or should you have a separate policy? Check it out.In this episode we also discuss business interruption coverage, including cost of coverage, exclusions and whether this insurance is included in the ‘package’ policy or a separate, stand-alone policy. Check out this episode for important information about protecting and insuring your business assets.