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At the Bean Team, we know that the key to providing good customer service is to anticipate your clients’ needs. Over the years we’ve learned that nothing is more essential to our hospitality partners than accurate, timely reporting. That’s why members of the Bean Team developed custom software we use to export the source data from your POS system to generate same day reports. No duplicate data entry, no risk of human error, no more wasting valuable resources by using outdated accounting and HR processes.

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The Construction industry has unique accounting requirements and demands. We understand these issues because we have significant experience in the industry. Our team members have collectively worked over 8 decades in the industry as CFO and other leadership roles. We bring tremendous value to your team by improving financial reporting, financial management tools and internal controls. This value improves your opportunity to INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

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Legal Support

Legal Support 360 is a back office service package for law firms with the goal of low overhead and high productivity.  Eliminating the distraction caused by the administrative clutter is one way to achieve this goal.  At the Bean Team, our staff has the experience and training to understand the challenges faced by service-based business like our own.  You can focus on what you do best, while we take care of what we do best..

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Professional Services

At the Bean Team our staff has the experience and training to understand the challenges faced by service-based business like our own. Our accountants will work with you to evaluate your practice, balance your books and ensure your financial needs are met. Whether you are a local medical practitioner, a dentist, a salon owner, or provide any number of valued professional services we’re here to help you make your business success. We know that as a professional services provider, your greatest asset is your specialized skills, training and knowledge that allow you to help those in need of your services. Let us return the favor by using our accounting expertise to help make your business even more successful.

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