Construction companies need to operate like a well oiled machine. In an industry where so much depends on having proper licenses, permits, and bonding, it is imperative that you have accurate financials. Let us take care of the financials while you focus on making sure everything runs smoothly.

We provide customized accounting solutions for construction businesses. Simply stated, we fill in the gaps of what is needed for our clients to maximize the capabilities of their accounting department.

We understand the unique accounting needs and accounting methods related to contractors. We have developed customized reports and processes, like a WIP report and cash flow by project that syncs with your accounting database.

  • 1Build your company while we provide the necessary reporting to acquire bonding. Obtaining bonding is crucial to the security and success of your business. We understand that, and therefore put great effort into making sure you are financially prepared to get the insurance and bonding you need. We will provide the Percentage of Complete financial statements that many bonding agencies require.
  • 2Need high level CFO services? We can do that. Some companies need experienced CFO services to fill the gap in their in-house accounting department. These services are for companies that are having trouble producing the proper reporting to meet requirements set by bonding and insurance companies. We have the experience and knowledge to produce the correct reports, no corners cut.
  • 3Your back office can go back to being a tool shed. Our office is equipped with the technology to securely store all of your financial data. Our staff is trained to not only enter, and make payments against vendor invoices, but how to properly store said documents. Outsourcing the leg work to us will free up time for your administrative staff to focus on following up on leads and building your brand. 


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