Construction Accounting know-how can be as important as the construction process itself. The construction industry is known for high-risk, low margins and high capital requirements. This environment demands attention to details and is dependent on reliable and timely financial information. Partner with us for reliable expertise in Construction Accounting.

Many construction companies, rely on financial statements presented on a GAAP basis and include a WIP report that matches the financial statements and matches reality. We know construction accounting and know how to fill in the accounting gaps to deliver what is needed to meet the requirements of your bonding company.

We have developed proprietary systems to deliver financial data to your team on a schedule. Cash flow by job, company liquidity and other financial reports can be customized for the needs of each construction company. Look to Bean Team for your Construction Accounting expertise.


  • 1Build your company while we provide the necessary reporting to acquire bonding. Obtaining bonding is crucial to the security and success of your business. We understand that and put great effort into making sure you are prepared to get the insurance and bonding you need. We will provide the Percentage of Complete financial statements and other reports that many bonding agencies require.
  • 2Need high level CFO services? We can do that. Some companies need experienced CFO services to fill the gap in their in-house accounting department. These services are for companies that need assistance to produce the proper financial reports to meet requirements set by bonding and insurance companies. We have the construction accounting experience to produce the correct reports, no corners cut.
  • 3Your back office can go back to being a tool shed. Our construction accounting team can process, report and store your data with the highest degree of confidentiality using secure and encrypted technology.  Outsourcing the details to us will free your time to focus on your core business. 


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