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At Bean Team, we know that the key to providing good customer service is to anticipate your clients’ needs. Over the years we’ve learned that nothing is more essential to our hospitality partners than accurate, timely reporting. That’s why members of Bean Team developed custom software we use to export the source data from your POS system to generate same day reports. No duplicate data entry, no risk of human error, no more wasting valuable resources by using outdated accounting and HR processes.

A Throttle for the Fast Pace

Managing a company in a fast paced industry is hectic. Paying bills, recording sales, and checking bank balances can become a chore that is often overlooked. That’s where we come in. When everything is current, you’ll have an up-to-date image of your finances, and will be free to make the important decisions without distractions.

Storage Closets are Old School

Storage closets are for odds and ends, not your bookkeeper’s computer. Many restaurants do not have the space, technology, or staff required to manage sensitive financial information correctly. We are backed by secure data storage technology, with employees that know how to use it. Our staff is trained to streamline processes to efficiently record large amounts of data, anywhere, anytime.

Solve the Puzzle

Managing a business can feel like a puzzle with pieces missing. Quality, up-to-date reports are crucial to your success. By eliminating the unknown, our reports will enable you to make wise financial decisions effortlessly. When you are able to see the big picture, it is easier to recognize great opportunities.

Manage Costs and Grow Profits

Knowing where to cut costs is paramount. Reviewing expense reports on a regular basis can reveal unnecessary costs, allowing you to make the decisions needed to spend less and make more. We’ll work closely with you to find these trends and advise accordingly. Knowing the past is part of planning the future.