There are such a wide variety of tasks involved in legal work, that often times invoices will not get sent out, or bills will not get paid. It is easy for administrative work to get left behind when there are much more important tasks at hand. 

The Bean Team will handle all invoicing, so that your clients are billed timely, and accurately. We will also make sure all vendor bills are paid on time to avoid costing you late fees. 

Our bookkeeping services will provide you with detailed insight into your finances, allowing you to make the most informed decisions available. No more guess work. 

  • 1Time For Some Pay Back. Your staff is on the move. They meet with clients, travel for cases, and constantly need printing and production. We are experts at tracking reimbursable expenses, as well as spending budgets. When their expenses are tracked correctly, and are paid back promptly, everyone wins. A happy staff, makes a happy work place.
  • 2Billable Time Is Precious.We know how important it is to keep track of your billable time. Not only will we help you bill accurately, but we will enable you to spend more time with clients by handling the administrative and bookkeeping tasks that keep you from them. When you are able to spend more time with your clients, they get the service they deserve, and you get the billable time you need. 
  • 3Type Of Billing Matters. Each of your clients has their specific needs, including billing type. Whether your clients are billed by retainer, contingency, up front, or a mix of the three, we will be able to record the billing accurately. If necessary, we can invoice your clients directly, and perform any collections.
  • 4When Secure Is The Only Option. You keep your client’s data secure. We do the same. Our office is equipped with the technology to securely store any amount of financial data. Whether it is documents, QuickBooks files, or tax returns, we will make sure all of your sensitive information is kept in a safe place. 
  • 5The Only Constant Is Change. Businesses grow and shrink all the time. Because of this, we develop a flexible service model that is based on the growth or contraction of your company. By anticipating the needs of your company, we will be able to provide quality service, regardless of the volume of work.


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