Jump Over The Technology Gap

What are the technology needs for your business? Do you know the kinds of software you can use to maximize your efficiency and management abilities? At Bean Team, we help clients answer those questions every day. We have access to a wide range of tools that can be used to better your business and can work with you to identify your needs. Our technology consulting services center around the idea that you need to build a system capable of growth, with out wasting resources by investing in products that are excessive based on your business volume.

Time Savers

Wasting time on technology that is not a good fit for your company can only hurt you in the long run. We will find the perfect match of software, and technology that fulfills your needs without being excessive.

We Integrate With You

We are able to merge seamlessly with any current technology you are using. Whether it be a P.O.S system, accounting program, or time keeping program, we will be able to help you manage it, as well as utilize it for our bookkeeping and accounting purposes.


Productivity is Priority

We want you running at maximum efficiency. We will help you streamline data entry processes, and automate tasks that normally steal time from your staff. When everyone is working where they should be, your company thrives.


Bookkeeping Programs Rock

Truly. We have a staff that is expertly trained in a variety of bookkeeping and accounting programs. Bookkeeping is only useful if you understand the program, otherwise you are likely to make mistakes and misrepresent your finances.



We Can Help You With

  • System Design/Enhancement
  • System Implementation/Re-Deployment
  • Projects
  • Cash Flow & Budgeting
  • AHCA Compliance & Monitoring
  • Reporting

System Design/Enhancement

Our professionals will evaluate the type of information system that a business should have in place for either new systems for new businesses or system replacements for existing businesses. More often, system enhancements are needed to streamline processes. We will identify inefficient processes and solutions to remove the inefficiencies. Our technology professionals are involved in the evaluation phase and the recommended solution phase. The solution phase will consider our very own proprietary tools as well as tools sold by others.

System Implementation/Re-Deployment

Our accounting and technology professionals can manage and/or execute the implementation of a new accounting and information system as well as doing the enhancements to existing systems.

New system implementation could mean migration from old system to a new accounting system like, MAS 90, Great Plains, Sage Timberline or even from the shoebox to a basic system like QuickBooks. We can also manage and/or execute system enhancements that will improve efficiencies, timeliness and information reporting. See the discussion about our reporting writing and data bridge tools.


Often times, experienced professionals are needed for special project work. This project work is beyond the time or skill capacity of your existing accounting personnel. For instance, you may need assistance with preparing for year-end audit. Maybe your books are in fairly good order, but not in compliance with GAAP. Or, maybe your personnel needs help getting the financial statement notes prepared, or supporting workpapers prepared and assembled for the CPA auditors. We can provide this level of assistance and expertise.

Catch-Up and Clean-Up – Other projects include catch-up and clean-up where a business’ accounting records have not been kept and they are in the ‘shoe-box’ state or even worse, the ‘black-hole’. We know how to bring accounting order to this accounting mayhem. We have done it many times before and we are not intimidated by what would overwhelm others.

Sales Tax Audit Assistance – The Department of Revenue has recently stepped up audit activity. Preparing documentation to respond to these audits can be very time consuming, even when tax exposure is minimal or nil. And, understanding the potential exposure can be very beneficial to mitigate tax liabilities. Our professionals are knowledgeable and capable to assist with these audits.

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Businesses that budget and measure actual results with expected results (budgets) have a higher success rate and are able to react to actual conditions more timely. Cash flow management and budgeting can be done daily, weekly or monthly. The frequency is often determined by demands on cash. Cash flow management allows business owners to focus on the entire business cycle, from procurement of goods or personnel cost to sales, collection and payments. By just managing a profit and loss budget, a business owner may lose site of the timing of cash flow.

Our professionals can customize the tools that are best suited for your business.

AHCA Compliance & Monitoring

All indications suggest that recent changes in federal healthcare law will be implemented and affect the way small businesses operate. Knowing the impact to your business will be important so you can manage your personnel and health care benefits offered to them. If your business has over 50 employees or is part of a controlled group with over 50 employees, you will have to comply with AHCA. Let our professionals help you manage the compliance and monitoring of AHCA.


Bean-Team-Tech-300x229Accurate and timely reporting can mean the difference between open or closed doors. That’s why our leadership at the Bean Team developed accounting systems that provide managers access to detailed reports outlining daily operating results. This high level of support enables our clients to make crucial decisions to maximize their business’s potential for profit. In today’s economy it is vital to take advantage of every opportunity that can give you an edge on your competition.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!