CPA Service. Bookkeeper Pricing.

Are you worried that the person handling your return at one of the 'big-box' tax offices may not have the expertise to get you the biggest refund you deserve? Your worries may not be unfounded. At the Bean Team, your tax preparation documents will always be reviewed by a CPA - guaranteed.

Desire, Experience and Expertise

Bean Team’s tax professionals have the desire, experience and the expertise to go above and beyond to give you the service you deserve. Whether you are an individual, sole proprietor, family owned LLC or multi-million dollar corporation we can fulfill all of your tax and accounting needs.

Our knowledgeable and dynamic tax team stays current with complex tax law. We know that each client has unique requirements and we address individual taxpayer needs. Our tax services include the preparation of tax returns and more. We devise strategies to help clients make informed decisions; take maximum advantage of tax benefits available; and pay the minimum tax under the law.

Our Services

  • Sales and Use Tax Return Preparation
  • Representation
  • Non-Profit Tax Return Preparation and Consulting
  • Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Return Preparation and Consulting
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Planning
  • Individual Tax Return Preparation and Planning
Preparing and filing sales and use tax is a deadline driven process. We have the technical expertise to provide sales and use tax filing, with accurate and timely sales tax return preparation for Florida and all other states.
Because our tax team has experience dealing with taxing authorities, our clients will be properly represented before the various federal and state agencies.
Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, has become more complex as the role of nonprofit organizations has evolved in the United States. Our team is well versed in 990 preparation and has extensive experience in the nonprofit arena. We can provide advice as to the possible tax implications of proposed activities.
Through effective estate and gift planning assets can be transferred to beneficiaries with a minimum tax due; your surviving spouse can be provided with security; and business owners can be assured of owner succession and business continuity. Our team will be with you every step of the way.
If your business is a partnership, limited liability company or S corporation we plan our work to meet IRS requirements so that K-1′s are delivered in a timely fashion. We will file extensions, if needed; prepare depreciation schedules; determine the correct categorization of revenue and expenses; and consult on matters such as retirement and health insurance plans.
Filing your own taxes can be a challenge, we can make the tax return planning and preparation process painless. Let us prepare your individual tax return; including supporting schedules, and files your return electronically. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals will prepare your return, maximizing your deductions and minimizing your tax liability. We talk to our clients, and will be available to you throughout the year to advise you or to assist with IRS issues.