Quality business accounting, on a family scale.

An accountant’s job does not stop at businesses. We aim to advise and aide those individuals who manage a hectic professional and personal lifestyle. There are many intricate, and sometimes overwhelming day-to-day items that get overlooked due to lack of time, or know-how.

We believe that families can need just as much accounting support as a business. Between mortgages, trusts, insurance, and loans, the management of a family’s financial needs can be too much for one person to handle.

Remove The Clutter

Just as in business, our personal lives can be inundated with bills and notices. Before long, we are buried in a pile of them. We will help you sort through the excess mail and emails to find the important documents so that you can go back to spending time on what matters.

Everything In It's Place

Why have a messy file cabinet in your house, when you can have an organized, digital one here? Our secure data storage ensures that all of your important information will be safe, and all in one spot that you can access from anywhere.

Column A and B

Despite our best efforts, business and family accounting often intertwine. When that happens, it is important that they are handled consistently.

Single Point of Contact

We are not just accountants at the Bean Team. We are problem solvers. We are here to answer your questions. Having a single point of contact here means that we will talk to the necessary people to solve the problems that you are having.