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Business Transition

Selling or ownership transfer is a key part of the evolution of most businesses. Our team is uniquely qualified to plan a strategy for this event and assist the owner how to maximize the desired result for all concerned. Tax, cash flow, quality of life and risk are just a few of the factors considered in customizing the strategy.

Key Person

Designing a plan to sell to a key person within the organization is often-times the preferable option for transitioning ownership. Identifying the best way for the buyer to accumulate cash to fund the sale is a key part of the strategy. Life insurance, deferred compensation and other tools are considered.

External Party

A strategic buyer or investor buyer are options to consider for ownership transition. This strategy can be complex and require significant due diligence. The strategy will include timing on payment, closing costs, classification of payment type, rate of return, etc. We are experienced to advise and guide the seller through the process.