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HR Support

A functioning and effective HR system is required for compliance with federal and state laws and can provide a distinct advantage to recruit and retain quality personnel. Bean Team can provide your business with the HR system and HR team that gives you the peace of mind that you are HR compliant and using the HR system as a competitive advantage. We can move you from payroll processing to a complete HR system.

Compliance is the Key

Part of maintaining an efficient work environment, is staying compliant with the many different requirements for hiring, policy development, termination, pay practices, and benefits. An updated and comprehensive employment manual is one of the tools we provide to enhance compliance.

Hire and Higher

We all wish hiring was as simple as saying “You’ve got the job!”. Unfortunately, it requires many steps, including: placing ads, screening applicants, conducting tests and checks, and extending offers.

Audit Smarter

As scary as the word sounds, audits insure that everything is up to par, including I9 forms and filing. An audit of the policies and practices in place will often reveal inadequacies that need to be fixed.

When it Counts

Just as not everyone is suited for a position, not all business owners are equipped to handle such employees. In these instances, it is best to cover your bases, and document all processes involved in discipline and termination.