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Tax Preparation & Consulting

Our Tax Team knows the concerns and issues for the entrepreneur and small business. From cradle to grave, the entrepreneur faces tax decisions. Entity type selection, asset ownership, states of operations are just a few decisions with tax consequences. Our team has the care, experience and knowledge to advise and guide you through the maze of decisions for the result that best fits your situation.

Tax Return Preparation & Compliance

We prepare many types of returns for different business types and different entity types. We have the system and we have the know-how to effectively comply with the compliance requirements, including multi-state reporting requirements. In general, the entity types include the following:

  • Corporate
  • Non-Profit
  • Individuals
  • Estate, Trust and Gift Tax


We encourage our clients to update us on plans to grow or contract business operations. This fosters a thorough vetting process of the proposed action and provides our client with the confidence to know that they have included the correct tax strategy in their decision process. Doing it right in the beginning can save time and money in the end.


Representing clients in State and Federal matters provides our clients with tremendous peace of mind that their best interest is being served. We advocate for the client by presenting the facts in clear and defendable format. We are experienced in reaching resolution to complicated matters.