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Technology Services


What are the technology needs for your business? Do you know the kinds of software you can use to maximize your efficiency and management abilities? At Bean Team, we help clients answer those questions every day. We have access to a wide range of tools that can be used to better your business, and can work with you to identify your needs. Our technology consulting services center around the idea that you need to build a system capable of growth, without wasting resources by investing in products that are excessive, based on your business volume.

Time Savers

Wasting time on technology that is not a good fit for your company can only hurt you in the long run. We will find the perfect match of software, and technology, that fulfills your needs without being excessive.

Productivity is Priority

We want you running at maximum efficiency. We will help you streamline data entry processes, and automate tasks that normally steal time from your staff. When everyone is working where they should be, your company thrives.

We Integrate With You

We are able to merge seamlessly with any current technology you are using. Whether it be a P.O.S. system, accounting program, or timekeeping program, we will be able to help you manage it, as well as utilize it for our bookkeeping and accounting purposes.

Bookkeeping Programs Rock

Truly. We have a staff that is expertly trained in a variety of bookkeeping and accounting programs. But, bookkeeping is only useful if you understand the program, otherwise you are likely to make mistakes and misrepresent your finances.

Reporting Writing

Our team includes report writing expertise in SAP Crystal Reports. This is an industry accepted system that is used to write reports against numerous databases, including SAP and SQL. This report writing system is also used to write reports in Sage 300/Timberline. Our team has created many reports in Sage 300/Timberline, including the Timberline Report Writer and SAP Crystal.

We have a talented team, including technology and database experts that can analyze, organize and report on large data sets. Our accountants communicate with our database experts (from SQL to Macros in Excel) to create streamlined and automated reporting processes and move data if needed from source into the accounting system.